Course Overview

Who is this qualification for?

The purpose of the qualification is to develop learners knowledge and understanding of caring for individuals with dementia including: types of dementia and the importance of early diagnosis, person-centred approaches in dementia care, the roles of communication, interaction and inclusion in dementia care and support and the use of medication to support individuals with dementia. Successful completion of this qualification will support learners to progress into employment within the health and social care sector.


Principles of communication and interaction in dementia care and support Principles of supporting positive interaction, occupation and activity in dementia care Principles of the administration of medication to individuals with dementia Principles of understanding dementia Principles of understanding equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care and support Understand how individuals with dementia can be supported to exercise rights and choices Understand the use of person-centred approaches to underpin the care and support of individuals with dementia

  • Course level: Level 3
  • Total Qualifying Hours: 250
  • Guided Learning Hours: 184
  • Credit Value: 25