Course Overview

This By the end of the course, you will be able to: –
• Understand the levels of risk posed by challenging people.
• Explain how you can meet a persons need and create a supportive environment.
• Understand the balance between enhancing quality of life and reducing restraint.
• Describe the effect of negative/ environmental factors.
• Explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ and its limitations/ legal requirements.
• Understand primary strategies and how to proactively meet a person’s needs.
• Understand the importance of verbal + non-verbal communication during conflict.
• Underline the impact that cultural differences may have in relation to communication.
• Identify causes of communication breakdown.
• Describe the common causes of conflict.
• Recognise the warning and danger signals displayed during a conflict situation.
• Recognise the importance of early intervention.
• Provide support to those directly affected by a violent incident.
• Understand the different types of de-escalation strategies.

  • Course level: Level 3